What is Retinol Microsphere Gel (Supatret)?


Our Retinol 0.04% gel is a topical medication with an active Vitamin A metabolite that is used to reduce and gradually remove the appearance of wrinkles, pimples, blackheads, age spots, and the roughness of facial skin while also facilitating the disappearance of darker and lighter spots. Given its oil-free nature, it is also suitable for people with oily skin. Retinol must be used with a total skin care and sunlight avoidance program. FDA approved Retinol 0.04% gel as one of the most effective drugs that minimize the signs and severity of acne vulgaris.


How does it Work?


Retinol 0.04% prevents the reappearance of blackheads, pimples  and other skin disorders by blocking the hardening processes of the outer layer of the skin. It also facilitates the shedding of old skin cells to better promote the formation and growth of new ones. It also improves skin pigmentation by speeding up melanin elimination processes in the skin. Once we combine all these effects together, we get a product that not only speeds up skin cell turnover, but it also clears up blackheads, pimples and other acne symptoms that could be so hard to get rid of under normal circumstances.


How to apply?


Always use the medicine as advised by your doctor.


  • Apply Retinol 0.04% to the affected area once a day, preferably in the evening or just before bedtime
  • Wash the area with warm soapy water or a soap-free cleanser
  • Remove all cosmetics before applying Retinol Cream. Gently dry the area
  • Squeeze a small amount (a quarter inch or less) of the medicine onto your fingertip. This should be enough to cover the affected area in its entirety
  • Wash your hands immediately after using the cream
  • Do not apply it near the eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes
  • Do not use large amounts of this medication or apply more than advised by your physician
  • If need be, refer to your health care provider for any questions you may have about the use of our product.



Key Ingredients:


  • Retinol 0.04% (Active ingredient)
  • Purified water
  • Glycerin



Side Effects:


  • Mild burning, stinging and tingling of the skin when you first apply the medicine
  • Chapping and/or slight peeling of the skin
  • Redness, dryness or unusually warm skin


When Supatret should not be used?


You should not take Retinol if you:           


  • are allergic to any of its ingredients
  • are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding
  • are suffering from kidney, urinary or stomach-related problems
  • have an abnormally high white blood cell count (WBC)



For how long it should be used?


Use Retinol 0.04% for the full course of the treatment, or as advised by your doctor. Do not stop the application of the drug without consulting your doctor or physician first.

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