Naturally Grow Longer and Fuller Lashes With These Secret Tricks


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A makeup look is never complete without some killer lashes but with Careprost, you no longer need a ton of mascara to achieve the look. False lashes are also a popular alternative but the problem with them is that they look fake and also take a lot of prep and the glue can even be damaging to the follicles on your eyelids, which deters lash growth. So there's no better option than getting the stunning beauty of longer lashes naturally. With these secret tricks combined with the Careprost product, you can naturally encourage eyelash growth that allows you to have flawlessly full lashes that don't cost a fortune and that are completely out of this world. Let's put the twinkle back into your eyes.


Proper Prep and Care

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It is extremely important to take proper care of your eyelashes and there are many secret tricks that can decrease the damage that your lashes are subjected to on a daily basis while also rejuvenating them in the meantime. So when it comes to selecting products for your eyes, always choose those of high quality because many cosmetics have harmful substances in them that can truly deter lash growth. You also want to avoid waterproof mascaras, as they tend to be very harsh, causing your lashes to dry out and that’s also not to mention that the struggle of removing the product is even further damaging. So when your lashes are naked, you can certainly take advantage of many secret tricks and tips that will stimulate growth. For starters, try brushing them twice daily. Although this may seem like a really weird thing to do, brushing out your lashes will allow the natural oils to be distributed evenly from the root to the tips. You can also want to swipe some Vaseline on your eyelashes before you go to bed with a clean mascara wand. Just rinse it off in the morning and repeat three times a week, and with the addition of Careprost eyelash growth, you'll be batting your lashes for days. You can even give your eyelashes a little extra TLC by treating them with natural oils such as olive oil, which protects and conditions each lash while also making them longer. 

A Nutritious Diet

The foods that you put into your body have a strong effect on the way your hair grows, looks and feels. If you have a poor diet, you will certainly notice that your hair growth is slow and dreadful and this also pertains to your eyelashes. Fortunately, by simply increasing your fruit and vegetable intake while also incorporating fish, eggs, beans and yogurt into your day will significantly encourage natural eyelash growth. When combined with the amazing Careprost eye drops, you'll be amazed with the results that are all au natural.



Blow Out Eyelashes with Bimatoprost

Now here is the secret that will truly make all the difference within your lashes. Bimatoprost is the generic version of Latisse, which is extremely safe, and is even doctor recommended. You just use the serum drops in your eyes once a day (preferably at night time) and allow the formula to provide you with longer, darker and fuller eyelashes. This is also a super bonus for those of you with blonde or lighter toned lashes. It's like mascara in a serum form. You can get Bimatroprost in the Careprost product, which is highly recommended to use with these other tips for showstopper lashes.


Give Your Eyelids Some TLC

Additionally, you can extend the special treatment to your eyelids and give them a light massage focusing near the lashes to help increase blood flow and circulation, which will result in lash growth. You can also take advantage of the endless benefits of green tea and dab a cotton ball of it over your eyelashes to really clean those follicles and get them growing.


Whatever secret tips you decide to incorporate into your eyelash growth regime, just be sure to compliment it with Careprost to ensure that you receive the fullest results possible. Tune into the Skin Care Ex blog so you never have to worry about missing out on incredible beauty tips and tricks that can change the way you look and feel.

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